How to book with my escort?

PrivateGirlGroup provides online text booking through a mobile phone message. Once you decide which escort is your type; please send us a message to get more information. We will quickly arrange a booking for you once you have confirmed your booking.

How you get your own private girl escort?

PrivateGirlGroup escort service has been a century in the world. There are hips of private escort and escort agency located all around the world and even might be located at your next door. Sex is a demand to everyone and it's become normal to every people in life no matter it's heterosexual, homo, bi, etc.  Seeking private escort had become common for years and its lowered the rate of raping legal in Australia.

What is legal?

 In NSW, it is legal for a person who is over 18 to provide sexual services to a person who is over the age of consent. 

Street-based sex work is legal provided it does not occur in view of school, church, hospital or dwelling.

Sexual service premises operate lawfully in NSW and are regulated by local councils like other businesses.